About Us

Sock Talk- Something to Talk About:


We are a small team of creative designers who enjoy wearing unusual socks. Launching Sock Talk UK is an exciting new chapter in our sock story, and we aim to provide you with plenty of socks to talk about. Passionate about creating socks with minimal environmental impact, Sock Talk UK is committed to choosing quality over convenience. We choose sustainable Bamboo and Cotton to create socks which feel fabulous to wear and are also Eco-Friendly.


Our diverse range of colourful bamboo socks feels as beautiful as it looks. Made from high-quality natural bamboo fibre, our socks are soft to the touch and kind on the skin. We care about keeping your feet fresh and comfortable as well as being in style. Bamboo socks are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and thermo-regulating. Your feet will breathe naturally, feel fresh, comfortable and remain at a pleasant temperature.


Motivated by the world around us and our love of nature we design colourful bamboo socks to excite and delight. We take pride in our unique range of designs, which have been inspired by the environment and the by unique individuals who are central to our lives. Creating beautiful gifts for you and your loved ones is what we do best, we take care to perfect every step of our process to bring you high quality sock gifts suitable for any occasion.