About Us

Sock Talk- Something to Talk About:

Sock Talk UK was created in Glasgow by our founders, Maggie and Paul. Living in Scotland, socks are a necessity. Too often, Paul found himself feeling disappointed by the lack of colourful socks available in the local stores. These socks were mostly plain and were not designed for comfort. Socks did not bring much joy to Paul’s life until he bought his first pair of bamboo socks. These were comfortable and breathable but until he met Maggie, these too were still bland…

Maggie moved to Glasgow to study business. Upon graduation from Glasgow University in 2008, Maggie, opened a small fashion boutique focused on designing and creating fun and colourful accessories. Together with Paul, they worked to create Sock Talk a brand motivated to change the perception of socks from a boring, practical item into a fun filled fashion led accessory.

Maggie and Paul now partner with a small team of fashion focused Glasgow based designers who work to create seasonal collections of sensationally colourful socks. Inspired by the world around us and love of nature our range of designs has something for everyone. Sock Talk creates socks as diverse and as fun as the team which creates them.

Our range of colourful bamboo socks feel as beautiful as they look. Made from high-quality natural bamboo fibers, these socks are soft to the touch and kind on the skin. Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and thermo-regulating our bamboo socks are a joy to wear. Your feet will breathe naturally and feel fresh.

Sock Talk has also developed a range of sparkly cotton glitter socks. Add a touch of sparkle to your footwear without shedding any glitter. Our glitter socks made from a rich cotton base, allowing your feet to party in style while remaining comfortable.

Our popular gift sets have something for every occasion. Pamper yourself or your loved ones and indulge in a luxury bamboo socks gift set.

Passionate about creating a brand with minimal environmental impact, Sock Talk UK is committed to choosing quality over convenience. We purposefully source sustainable bamboo and cotton to make our socks and have recently implemented a zero waste production policy.